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Xetron Intelligent Factory

“Any quotes? Spend some time thinking and come to visit?”

Xetron established in 1996, has employed more than200 R&D engineers. Our intelligent factory meets the German "Industry 4.0" standard.

Xetron Strong Research and Development

Our advanced 30,000m2 manufacturing plant in Jiangsu, China and under constructions' 200,000m2 new plant make the fast delivery possible on large orders.

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System Certification

500m2 professional testing laboratory has been used to guarantee the quality of every Xetron product and the transportation risks of every stage under control for our global partners in cold chain related products and services.

Xetron Surface Mount  Technology & Dust-Free Environment

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Product Certification

Include FDA, CE, RoHS, FCC,NIST etc.

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Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

-Single Use Temperature Data Logger
-Reusable Temp&Hum Data Logger

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HVAC Tools

-Refrigerant Leak detetor
-Refrigerant Scale
-Digital Manifold Gauge

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Air Quality Monitor

-Indoor Air Quality Monitor
-Professional Aerosol Air Quality Detector
-Profeesional Particle Counter

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Temperature & Humidity Controller

-Plug and Play Temp &Hum Controller
-Embedded Temperature Controller

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